1. Gender. Male or Female.

2. The greatest way for two people to earn great pleasure.
1. Name? ... Joe Sex? ... Male

2. John was horny. He wanted to have sex with shannon. John sat down on the couch next to Shannon. He put his hand on her thigh, and she looked at him with love in her eyes. He leaned closer and kissed her until they were making out feverishly. John ripped off Shannon's shirt and undid her bra. Shannon pulled John's shirt off as he began to massage her breasts in rhythm with their french kissing. She reached down and unzipped his jeans and hers, pulling them both down. He used one hand to pull off her panties. Then he removed his boxers, revealing an enourmous penis - nearly nine inches long. Shannon rubbed his penis until he was harder hen steel. His cock was so wide that she couldn't come close to getting her whole hand wrapped around it. By that time she was soaking wet, and he was ready to enter her.
He went in with his first stroke and Shannon moaned with how deep he went. He began to slide in and out, faster and harder. He used his thumb to gently massage her cilt, and started to suck on her breasts. She felt her pleasure building up inside of her, and she knew she was about to come. He hit her g-spot and she screamed with joy as she hit orgasm. John still hadn't come yet, and her screams made him even harder, so he kept penetrating her deeper and harder and faster.
Shannon became lost in his rhythm, and felt the plesure building up again.
"Ooohhhhh! John! Harder! Ooohhhhh! Yes! Yes!" she yelled, uncontrollably. He continued to massage her cilt with his fingers.
She writhed underneath him as she had another earth-shattering orgasm from her g-spot and her cilt at the exact same time. John finally came into her, and pulled out of her.
Best. Sex. Ever.
#g-spot #orgasm #cock #pussy #handjob
by lostinlost12345 August 13, 2007
When the penis goes up into the vagina letting sperm find the eggs often causing pregnancy. Sex usually happens in the closet or anywhere when people from the opposite sex or same sex are "horny" see horny for detials.
erwin dreams of having sex.
by joe November 18, 2003
When a man enters his penis into a woman's vagina. It can also include sucking of the penis and biting of the vagina.
My boyfriend and I were standing outside my door. He suddenly pulled me in and started to kiss me. He took off my blouse and took off his shirt. Then he went and slid my skirt off of me. I slid his jeans off and he takes off my thong. I slide off his boxers and he starts to kiss me again. He's fingering me and I'm rubbing his penis. He carries me into the room. I switch to the top position so I can have control. I kiss him passionately and slide down his body. I start giving him a blow job. It gets hard in my mouth. He then goes on top and slides his penis into my vagina. "Faster! Harder!", I yelled. I get on all fours. He begins pounding me fucking hard. I scream, he just goes harder and harder. I reach orgasm and I scream. He cums inside of me and he's still going at it. He takes handcuffs out and use them to chain my hands behind my back. He starts licking my vagina. I scream in pleasure. The doorbell rings right then. He goes out to get it and there's another guy. He asks if he can join. I agree and I give him a blowjob. His penis was huge. He got hard and he starts fucking me. My boyfriend was fucking me from behind. I screamed loud. I was being pounded both ways and they were hard. They get tired and slow down the tempo. Then, the fall asleep while they're penis' are still inside of me. It starts again in the mourning with harder pounding and more sex.
#horny #cum #pussy #dick #masturbate
by Vanessa <33 October 30, 2007
Guy and girl get together, he puts his dick up her arse or her pussy, known as penis, bottom and vagina by polite people. He then puts his in hers, and moves it up and down causing her immense pleasure. However, if he aint wearing a condom that slut might end up pregnant! Can also be done by gays, involving one guy putting his dick up the other guys arse.
George and Holly were supposed to spend a steamy night having desirable sex in his bath. Then his sister Liz came home, and saw it as an opportunity, so called her friend Leanne. She turned up with her boyfriend Jason, who has the biggest dick i have ever seen!

They now perform the act of sex in the bath. On top we have Liz, who is fingering Jason up the arse as he moves up and down beneath her. She finds it rather pleasurable sat on his back dipping her feet in the bath water below.

Underneath Liz there is Jason, who now has his dick inside Leanne, who is crying with joy and pain, and in a moment you'll know why.

Leanne is in the middle of these five teenagers, and Jason has his dick up her pussy from above. Below her, George has his dick up her arse. She is crying but laughing and moaning with the feelings. Leanne is facing upwards and trying to get Liz to take her fingers out Jason's arse.

Below Leanne there is George, enjoying a brief reminder of sharing a bath with Liz as toddlers, whilst shoving his penis in and out of Leanne's arse, and licking her back.

And at the bottom of this heap of teens, there is Holly, who has her legs wrapped around George, but only just has her head high enough to avoid drowning.

You might want to try this at home...but not in the bath!
#anal #lesbian #gay #fuck #sperm #condom #pregnant #orgasm
by Noko January 11, 2006
In the exact words of my ancient Shaolin Master:

"Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing."

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by Sparrisen September 18, 2008
an art in which a man has to be more expierienced then a woman for it to be good. A male usually reaches his point of orgasm 3X faster then a woman so it takes alot of concentration and it has to be in the right position to. If sex is in the doggy style position then it is less pleasurable for the man and more for the woman(believe me fella's thats actually a good thing). In which case if the men and women are both at the same sexual level it is more likely that they will orgasm at the same time.
Sex is actually harder then you think
#satanism #random tags #this is completely irrelevant #w/e w/e i do what i want #suck me off ho
by ScottieIsTheNextAntiChrist September 03, 2006
Sex Is A Sensation Caused By Temptation Where A Guy Sticks His Location Into A Gurls Destination To Increase The Population For The Next Generation Do You Get My Explination Or Do You Need A Demonstration?
i stuck my dick in sydney's ass, then vagina we had sex for 10 hours
#fucky #bed wrestling #asstap #fuck #baby making
by dush oonmandick April 12, 2007
An activity that involves stimulating the genitals, and in theory is pleasurable for at least one of the people involved. The most obvious example of this is when a dick is inserted into a pussy, pulled part way out, then pushed back in, and repeated several times until the man empties his balls or has his dick go limp because he either had too much to drink or not enough. However, there are countless variations, including anal sex, oral sex, gay sex, a gang bang, a hand job, a titty job, a etc. Also sex can be done by any number of people.

It is difficult to make a clear distinction between what is having sex and what is just fooling around or foreplay, or something else, and different people generally have different ideas about what is and isn't sex. For example, former President Bill Clinton believes that sex is not sex when it is done between the President of the United States and his intern, or perhaps any member of the White House staff, we don't know for sure.

Most species of plants and animals use sex as a means of reproduction, and sex has had a vital role in the evolution of most plants and animals.
The front page story of the New York times was pretty good this morning. They had all the details, the president's intern started coming on to him. He had some really important work to do, but said fuck it, I really could use a break right now! So first he stuck his hand up her dress and finger-fucked her til she squirted all over his hand, then she deep throated him and when her tits were all messy with her slobber she gave him a titty job, then he fucked the shit out of her and jizzed all over her dress. But it's not sex because that new law says that sex is only defined as something that people other than politicians and their staff do.
#fucking #blow job #screwing #rusty trombone #santorum #hooking up #getting laid
by Woody Alien September 23, 2011
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