1. Gender. Male or Female.

2. The greatest way for two people to earn great pleasure.
1. Name? ... Joe Sex? ... Male

2. John was horny. He wanted to have sex with shannon. John sat down on the couch next to Shannon. He put his hand on her thigh, and she looked at him with love in her eyes. He leaned closer and kissed her until they were making out feverishly. John ripped off Shannon's shirt and undid her bra. Shannon pulled John's shirt off as he began to massage her breasts in rhythm with their french kissing. She reached down and unzipped his jeans and hers, pulling them both down. He used one hand to pull off her panties. Then he removed his boxers, revealing an enourmous penis - nearly nine inches long. Shannon rubbed his penis until he was harder hen steel. His cock was so wide that she couldn't come close to getting her whole hand wrapped around it. By that time she was soaking wet, and he was ready to enter her.
He went in with his first stroke and Shannon moaned with how deep he went. He began to slide in and out, faster and harder. He used his thumb to gently massage her cilt, and started to suck on her breasts. She felt her pleasure building up inside of her, and she knew she was about to come. He hit her g-spot and she screamed with joy as she hit orgasm. John still hadn't come yet, and her screams made him even harder, so he kept penetrating her deeper and harder and faster.
Shannon became lost in his rhythm, and felt the plesure building up again.
"Ooohhhhh! John! Harder! Ooohhhhh! Yes! Yes!" she yelled, uncontrollably. He continued to massage her cilt with his fingers.
She writhed underneath him as she had another earth-shattering orgasm from her g-spot and her cilt at the exact same time. John finally came into her, and pulled out of her.
Best. Sex. Ever.
by lostinlost12345 August 13, 2007
when u put ur thing in her pussy and u start fucking
i went to my gf's house and we took off our clothes. we had sex in her parents bed and it was pleasurable
by kreamy August 27, 2008
Kids (sooner or late) ...
Make your comittment now,
or prepare to sign over your paycheck.
SEX usually costs money.

"Pay me now or pay me later."
(and fuck you deadbeat dads!)
by Chingo Bolamongo October 11, 2006
when a boy enters a girls fanny with his cock
i had sex in a tent, he cummed in my fanny.

by sexaddict69 December 22, 2008
when a man shoves his penis into a womens fagina. the man ans women get peasure out of this action. that is the short explanation of sex
Mimi was walking down the college frat hallway looking for her boyfriend matt. She walked into his room where he was only wearing his boxers. “Mimi? What are you doing here?
Mimi ran over to him and started kissing him passionately. The passionate kissing turned into matt ripping off Mimi’s shirt with his muscular arms. Matt pulled away to go lock the door and then pushed Mimi onto his bed where she said, “Come fuck me baby!!!!”
Matt got on top of her and unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. Mimi then turned him over and took off his boxers so he was butt naked. Then matt unstrapped her sexy bra and through it across the room. He was on top of her now and massaging her boobs while they kissed aggressively. He stopped and moved down to her pubic area where she was still wearing a thong. He grabbed the edges of her thong and pulled it off of her and dropped it on the ground. They were now both naked and licking each other and kissing and massaging. mimi gave matt a blow job to get his penis hard.
Matt got on top of mimi and shoved his dick into her vagina and she moaned with pleasure and screamed at the top of her lungs, “DON’T STOP BABY!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! KEEP GOING HARDER HARDER!!!”
They were so wet by this time and this did not stop for atleast two hours. near the end of the 2 hours matt was sucking on mimis boobs and then he ate her out and she did the same to him. They finally fell asleep with mimi laying on top of matt.
by mimi the slut!!! May 09, 2008
When a Male insert his dick in a Female (or male)
I finaly ask this HOT guy out and after our date he was going to go to my house but insted we went to his he ask if i wanted to come in. befor i could say yes we we kissed we end up on the floor. our clothes are off our bodies. i suck his Big Thick Long penis and then put it in me. He starts to play with my Big Huge Round breast, then sucks my nice big round nipples as we fuck eachother. "OOOOOOOOHHH....!!! yeeeeess!!!" I say as he pushes his Big dick in and out of me really fast. i role my eyes back and screem real loud. We we slow down. he said with wide eyes "I have never had SEX like that ever!" I say "I've never had sex!" we fiddle with each other and then fall asleep
by Wanting~!~Someone January 28, 2008
when the penu* enters the vigin*
Because we had sex, i'm pregnant!
by anonymas April 22, 2007
Like the best thing ever so go stick your dick in someones vagina already!!
Guy: lets have sex
SLUT!: ok
by mike D>< December 23, 2007

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