Is what the most of you guys can't get.
You're virgin & you never have sex.
by Hicham Mcloving June 18, 2014
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by Fettywap June 04, 2015
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When a man gets their penis into an erection/boner and finds a women he likes. They take off all their cloths and the man slowly injects the penis into the vagina. The vagina has two holes, you can put it in the one near the butthole more or the front. Then the women gets on her knees (this has to be in the lower hole to do) with her hands out in front of her and the mans pushes his groin to and from the butt, as HARD as he can. If you want to have butt sex, you just insert the hard penis into the butthole and push the groin to and from the but, the women may scream, but that means it's working. If she screams "HARDER" then rock back and forth even harder. This may make you sweat but may feel good at the same time.
Oh man Bethany and I had the longest sex last night, it was 2 hours straight but wasn't fully banging, some of it was just sitting there with my penis in her vagina.
by Dawggone May 23, 2015
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1.sex as in if you are a girl or a boy

2.When a man puts his dick in a womans pussy and repedetly pulls it almost out but dose not and then sticks it back in useshly for fun or to make babies
joe:*sitcks dick in lilas pussy almost pulls it out but sticks it back in repededly*

lila:JOE joe ahh yes harder mmm agin ahh .



lila: I love sex
by Cutey May 24, 2015
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When a guy finds a hole and shoved his cock up in it until his penis explodes.
Why on earth do you find sex fun?
by NoLifeOtakuGirl March 04, 2014
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Its kinda like fractions, its improper for the larger one to be on top.
He had sex and went back to work, unable to sleep knowing all the issues he couldn't fix.
by Grizzy McNiggz November 23, 2015
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Sexual Intercourse is for humans: The Male will insert his penis into the Female's vagina or anus. The feeling of the penis in the Female's vagina or anus, touching the walls, sexually stimulates the Female. If she is sexually stimulated enough, she will have what's called an "Orgasm", in which she releases a sugary liquid from her vagina. The feeling of the vagina or anus around the penis, and mainly on the bottom, and around the bottom of the head(the foreskin), sexually stimulates the Male. The Male's penis has two tubes: one for urinating and one for ejaculating. When the Male is sexually stimulated enough, the bottom tube(the ejaculant tube) will shift with the top tube. This is known when the Male can't control his penis. Then, and only then, will the massaging feeling of continuous thrust "tickle" the Male, as he's having a male orgasm, and ejaculating both sperm and semen. The semen gives the sperm energy. The sperm must fertilize the eggs in the Female.
Teacher: "Okay class, today I'm gonna teach you about Sex."
Students: "Okay."
by theInform3r July 05, 2010
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