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1. Gender. Male or Female.

2. The greatest way for two people to earn great pleasure.
1. Name? ... Joe Sex? ... Male

2. John was horny. He wanted to have sex with shannon. John sat down on the couch next to Shannon. He put his hand on her thigh, and she looked at him with love in her eyes. He leaned closer and kissed her until they were making out feverishly. John ripped off Shannon's shirt and undid her bra. Shannon pulled John's shirt off as he began to massage her breasts in rhythm with their french kissing. She reached down and unzipped his jeans and hers, pulling them both down. He used one hand to pull off her panties. Then he removed his boxers, revealing an enourmous penis - nearly nine inches long. Shannon rubbed his penis until he was harder hen steel. His cock was so wide that she couldn't come close to getting her whole hand wrapped around it. By that time she was soaking wet, and he was ready to enter her.
He went in with his first stroke and Shannon moaned with how deep he went. He began to slide in and out, faster and harder. He used his thumb to gently massage her cilt, and started to suck on her breasts. She felt her pleasure building up inside of her, and she knew she was about to come. He hit her g-spot and she screamed with joy as she hit orgasm. John still hadn't come yet, and her screams made him even harder, so he kept penetrating her deeper and harder and faster.
Shannon became lost in his rhythm, and felt the plesure building up again.
"Ooohhhhh! John! Harder! Ooohhhhh! Yes! Yes!" she yelled, uncontrollably. He continued to massage her cilt with his fingers.
She writhed underneath him as she had another earth-shattering orgasm from her g-spot and her cilt at the exact same time. John finally came into her, and pulled out of her.
Best. Sex. Ever.
by lostinlost12345 August 13, 2007
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When a man shoves his dick in your pussy, ass, or mouth. ;D
a few days ago i was at my friend Gavin's house. he's super hot and i was always into him, but because our parnets are friends, & he insisted that we were just friends, I was allowed to spend the night at his house. it was about 3:00 in the morning when i woke up to a soft moaning noise coming from the couch next to me. i opened my eyes slightly and saw him stroking a massive cock, it must have been at least 8 & 1/2 inches long. i took a deep breath and i could not take my eyes off of it. his eyes opened suddenly and met mine.
all of a sudden he smirked and said: "go ahead touch it. I know you want to. just do it." that was all the invitation i needed. i sat up, leaned over and wrapped my fingers around his thick hard penis. i gave it a tiny squeeze and he leaned his head back and sighed loudly. i slid my hand up the shaft and he groaned. then i leaned forward and licked his head a few times...he gasped, and this time i smirked. i got down on my knees in front of his couch and begin to like my way from top to bottom. i started at his lips and licked and kissed my way down his abs, all the way to the tip of his cock. he moaned loudly the entire time...his parents were in the other room, so i told him "you have to shhhh" with a sexy smile on my face.
i opened my mouth and acted like i was going to suck his dick but then went a farther back and took his testicles in my mouth. he cried out loudly and i came back up and kissed his mouth-hard. i told him, if this was going any further then we had to go in his room, cuz what i was going to do next would make him moan much louder than that. he then proceeded to carry me in his arms back to his room and threw me onto his bed. he climbed up in front of me, completely naked, and offered me that long, hard, dripping wet cock.
i leaned forward, kissed the tip, and took it into my mouth. i rolled my tongue around the tip, all the while tickling and rubbing his balls. i took a tiny quick nibble and he threw his head back and cried out: "ooohhhhh baby dont stop"
i began to bob my head back and forth now, and he moaned and wrapped his fingers and my hair.
"faster babyyy....faster please...ohhh yess. YEAHH" he groaned, and i felt his orgasm coming."i-, I'm yess baby, yess caitlin baby your making me cum oh babe YEAH" he groaned in a deep voice. and with that he unleashed his load into my throat. I swallowed it all and sat up and looked at him. I had some of his semen on the cornor of my lips, and before i had the chance to get rid of it he leaned forward and licked it off; lapping around my mouth and then pushing me so i was laying down, and he was on top of me.he shuved his tongue into my mouth, and i sucked and nibbled it, all the while rubbing his still dripping cock. suddenly, he leaned back and grinned.

"Im going to repay you for that."
ecstatic, I sat up and pulled my dress-like t-shirt off, so that when i layed back down, i was wearing nothing but a lacy blue thong.
He reached underneath me, and slowly pulled my thong off. he gently spread my thighs and began to lick their inner. as i sighed with pleasure, he buried his face in my soaking wet, shaved pussy. i cried out as he tongued my dripping hole. he sucked and nibbled my clit and i moaned and clutched my hands in his hair. He resurfaced from in between my legs with some of my juice on his lips, which i immediately kissed and licked off. he kissed my passionately and moved his moth down to my chest, where he sucked my rock hard tits. I couldnt help but scream as he bit and sucked my left nipple gently, with three fingers in my pussy and the fourth rubbing my swollen clit. He removed his fingers, returned his face to my dripping cunt, and licked and sucked his way to my huge orgasm. he lapped up the juices off my pussy then he shoved his tongue in my mouth and i helped him drink my juices. after that we just couldn't handle the excitement, he whispered in my ear. "you okay?" I replied "yeah baby lets go!". i had a ferocious look in my eye which made him moan, i bit my lip then closed my eyes, and before i could open them i had already felt his hard cock in my steaming pussy, throbbing wildly. he was pushing so hard yet so slow, and i felt him deep, deep down inside me. i was moaning quietly until he started stabbing my pussy with his cock, then i was screaming in a pillow. i sighed, "gimme more! please more!" then he took his cock out and i asked "why'd you stop?" he replied "turn around". So i did just that. once i was laying on my stomach i turned my head to ask why but he was already about to ram his cock in my ass. "oh god, oh god, yess baby mmmm!" i said. I saw he was working up a sweat so after a few more minutes i took his dick out of my pussy, threw him down, got on top of him and grinding his cock in my wet hole. he grabbed onto my ass and said "oh jeez ohh!" he threw his head back in pleasure and exclaimed, "I'm going to cum! Wh...Where do you want it baby?" i said in a fierce sexy voice, "i want your cum inside me baby please!" "damn your sexy, babe mmmm" he said.

"OHHH!" we both screamed as we reached orgasm at the same time. i felt his warm juices inside me. he took his cock out and i licked off our juices. we started kissing passionately and soon after fell asleep holding hands.
by sexybitchmama August 26, 2009
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Only exercise most Americans get anymore
Sex: Great way to have fun and lose weight at the same time
by andrewtye October 23, 2007
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When a bird has sex with a bee
"Son.. let me tell you about the birds and the bees"
*Dad explains*
"Any questions

"Yeah dad, why is the bird, having sex with the bee"
by Sgt Fez March 19, 2006
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Best thing in the world.
"Well this is my room" I said as I walked into my room with my best friend.
"Wow." He said looking around. I layed back on my bed and sighed. I saw him looking at my out of the corner of my eye. He walked over to me and layed on top of me and started to dry hump me. "What are you doing?" I asked him,
"What does it look like?" He said with a devilish smile as he moved faster.
"Stop!" I yelled,
"You know you like it" He yelled back, and I secretly did. He stopped after a few minutes than started frenching me. I tried to resist, even though I loved the feel of his tongue on mine. He stopped kissing me, then pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor. He was so muscular!
"You like?" He said after I was staring at him for a few minutes. Then he began to pull my shirt off me,
"Stop!" I said, but he continued to. He snapped off my bra and began to lick my boobs. After a few minutes I let out a small moan.
"See, I knew you liked this!" He yelled as he continued. Then he started to suck on my collarbone. I gasped as he did.

He then stood up and took his pants off, leaving his boxers. He pulled my pants and underwear off me and began to kiss my thigh. He then moved his lips over my pussy and began licking it. I moaned as he did. He kept doing this for a few minutes, then he stopped.
"I'm not done with you yet." He smiled, and took his boxers off. He put his cock into my mouth. My eyes grew large as he smiled. I began giving him a blowjob. He pushed me off before he came though. He flipped me onto my back and layed overtop me. He then pushed his cock into my pussy. I screamed as he did,
"Don't worry, it'll get better." He said as he kissed my cheek. He began thrusting in and out of me, and I started moaning.
"You like?" He smiled devilishly,
"Faster!" I screamed at him,
"Faster??" He began thrusting in and out of me a little faster.
"Faster! Harder! HARDER!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, as he did as I requested. He was thrusting into me as fast and as hard as he could. After a few minutes we both reached out orgasms and I screamed at the top of my lungs as his warm juices went into me. He slowly pulled out of me and started frenching me again. This time I didn't hold back. I let him do whatever he wanted to me. After that I fell asleep in his arms.

When I woke up, he kissed me and smiled.
"I knew you liked it." He said as I kissed him again, before we had sex again.
by MeMeMe1993 April 30, 2008
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Well, sex is basically one of the greatest, most wonderful sensations known to human kind.
It not only makes babies, but it also makes you healthier ! Careful, though, kid. You could get STDs. :
McKenzi & Jacob hadn't been going out for long.

One night, after Jacob had invited her to a movie, Jacob told her he had to pick something up from his house before he dropped her off.
"You wanna come inside?" he asked her.
Of course she didnt refuse; Jacob was the hottest guy at her school & she'd been dying to get a little action.
Jacob's thoughts were the same.
He walked through the door (his parents were out of town) and went to his bedroom.
With McKenzi close on his heels, he stopped
& looked her straight in the eye.
It became silent, but not in an awkward way. It was more in a "ohh my god, i want to get to know yer body way"
Jacob didnt waste a moment.
He rushed his urgent lips to hers; their soft lips embraced one another as they tangled their arms in eachother's hair and stumbled to the bed.
Jacob was a VERY good kisser, no doubt.
McKenzi was caught the moment, wanting more of him every second.
Before she knew it, his hands were under her shirt, massaging her boobs gently, over the bra, yet she could tell he wanted the real thing.
She helped him out there.
Lifting her shirt over her head, Jacob watched in awe as her 34C bra came undone.
The continued kissing, Jacob was squeezing her tits and tracing his tongue over her lips, her jaw, her neck, collarbone...
he finally got to her nipples and she gasped. She ripped off his shirt & their bare skin was rubbing & before they knew it, their pants were off.
Jacob & McKenzi didnt rush to their genitals at first. They wanted to prolong the moment.
But before they could stop it, Jacobs long, thick boner rubbed against her shaved, pink pussy.
They didnt stop for oral. (blowjob or eating out) Jacob just wanted to get his erected dick into her wet vag.
With McKenzi on the bottom, awaiting Jacob's powerful thrusts, their eyes met & they knew this was going to be the most amazing night of their lives.
When Jacob's hard dick penetrated into her pussy, McKenzi just about exploded. It felt so good. She wanted more... she needed it.
Jacob was soo good. He started out slowly, but began thrusting quicker, harder, deeper as McKenzi's moans became louder.
"Jacob... ohhh Jake. Mmmm, please, oh GOD. youre amazing, oh godd ahhh..."
He brought one hand down from her huge boobs & played with her clit. McKenzi was gasping for air.
"OHH JAKE, mmm. YES! eh! ohh mm."
Soon she was fuckin screaming his name.
Her orgasms drove him insane.
He cummed inside her; shelay gasping & moaning as his dick expanded even more into her pussy.
They stopped for a moment, appreciating how wonderful it was.
Then McKenzi got on top. Jacob wasnt prepared for the full effect of her humping him. She was amazing too, finding everry curve or him & engulfing his dick with her pussy.
He was muttering her name in rhythm.
"mckenzi, baby, ohh. mm, yesyesyesyes !"
They rode eachother almost all night long,
enjoying every second of it. There wasnt a single part of their skin that hadnt been touched by eachother. It was the best night of their lives.
The next day, they woke up together after sleeping in the spoon position. McKenzi could hardly speak from screaming & moaning so much the night before. She could hardly walk, too, but the sex was completely worth it. :D

^Holy fuck man. Im soo wet right now, its driving me mad. Anyone wanna fuckk ? ;]
by OhhBabe ! December 25, 2008
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1.A painful activity in which a man, using the stiffest and pointiest part of his pelvic region, repeatedly stabs a female in her crotch until he feels satisfied. Can also take place between two men, in which one male stabs the other in the bum. Lesbian "sex" may be fun and all, but it aint real sex unless there is some sort of stabbling going on, perhaps with a cleverly shaped hand or steel dildo.
"As I lie expectantly on the comfortable couch, wearing only the see-through nightgown he bought me, he approaches. I spread my legs and am immediately arroused. He takes off his boxers and I see the largest most wonderful penis I have ever seen. He then lays ontop of me and strokes my breast gently. Soon his fingers move down my silky smooth body and rest on my thigh where his penis rests. We then get into position and he begins to gently move up and down. Shortly afterwards we experience the greatest pleasure known to anyone and are moaning and shouting, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YEAH BABY! SAY MY NAME!" and with these words I grab his ass and massage it gently. Then we roll over and I grab his hands and place them on my breasts where they remain until tomorrow"
by Lt. Ass VE Hump March 07, 2005
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The easiest way to get an unpleasant disease...
'Dude, I got a venereal'
'Was it worth it?'
'Oh yeahhh...'
by Kimmy Booth July 21, 2005
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