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A person's uber-personal space that should only be occupied by someone they are having committed and consensual relations with.
dude: "dude, please relax and step back out of my sex zone. Unless we're both married and neked, you should not be here in my sex zone."
by joelh July 10, 2008
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The female or simply opposite equivalent of the friend zone.

When a male is being excluded from the possibility to enter a relationship with Mandy, he usually feels his pain while accompanying his now defunct hope to a saturday afternoon shoe-shopping session. A woman does it when she's got feelings, and is in a bed with Taylor calling her a slut and expects her to reply "Yeah but you're so much better than Rod, Tim, Matt, Simon, Trent", when he really is her first and only one.

Just like friendzoned men often omitted to behave in a slightly sexually explicit way towards their love interest, women can omit to establish the emotional intimacy they want before saying yes to sex. When women invite sex way too early in the relationship, the guy will say yes, considering her a horny bitch, and that's all. If it happens more than once, which is likely if the woman was genuinely interested, it may result in "sex zoning": the guy has conquered the woman way too easily, doesn't feel any emotional connexion with her, and will bang her while playing down her emotional involvement when she begins to express it.

The solution for women: say no to sex until you are sure that the emotional connexion with the guy is established, and that he will not sex zone you. Knowing that a guy who doesn't have that emotional connection will always let go that woman after a while, because sex isn't enough.
Vanilla Sky, Julie Aka Cameron Diaz understanding she got sexzoned:
"Why did you tell Brian that I was your fuck buddy ?"
David, Aka Tom Cruise, understanding Sex Zoning has its own dangers:
"I didn't tell him that"
Pay the price, David.

"Ashley thought that saying yes for sex to Brian would lead him to be interested in her, but she got sex zoned."

Johnny: "Dude, this chick is so hot, I've banging her for weeks now, and she's cool, she doesn't get into moody rants after showtime"
Brad: "Dude... she comes crying in Katie's arms every other day because of you... you totally sex zoned her man. Be generous, quit the bullshit. Find yourself someone you really care for."

"John, I love you. I'm so sorry, I meant to say it earlier, but I tought it would happen naturally...
"WTF ??? You're hot'n'all, but all we did was just for fun, I'm into Melinda, but she friend-zoned me, all you did was releasing my frustration !"

Mandy: "Sis, boys have urges. All of them. Ain't no best male friend, only friendzoned ones".
Tim: "Bro, girls have feelings. All of them. Ain't no fuck buddy, only sexzones ones".
by Alexct August 15, 2015

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