having sex with a woman or man and it feels so good that you just feel really high....
Sex Weed - R.Kelly
"Sex so good that it gets me high"
by Vibez July 11, 2005
The accumulation of rogue hairs from a woman's head on a man's genitals after sex; similar to the gathering of free floating seaweed. Usually not noticed until the putting on of underwear or taking a shower.
1. "You know Susie is bulimic, right?"

"Well, that would explain all the sexweed."

2. "I can feel some sexweed tangled around my balls."

3. "I didn't realize how hard I was pulling her hair until the next morning when I found tons of sexweed."
by Adenosine July 30, 2010
the general act of placing rose petals and your selection of bud in the bongwater.
Hey baby lets smoke this Sex-weed!
by gongetcha April 15, 2010

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