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word used by 12 year olds on myspace that think they are cool,
but are quite blatently not, as they still have the inability to cum in the first place, as they have not yet hit puberty
1st 12 year old "OMGZZZ YEW ARE SOOOOooOooOoo HAWT"
2nd 12 year old "(*&&*^"*&!!&*£&!!!!! YEW MADE ME SEX WEE."
by jadie!x April 29, 2006
26 23
A comical term used to refer to semen, first brought to prominence around 2001/2002 by entertainer Avid Merrion.
Rupert; So Cornelius did you take that sexy girl home with you?
Cornelius; Why aye Rupert, she tasted my Sex wee
Rupert; Immense!
by Maverick Corleone June 29, 2006
104 36
The semen or "cum"
She makes me do a sexwee. In ma pants
by Tugus October 14, 2003
57 27
another name for spunk, sperm, vagina jam.
oh my god, you have sex wee on your jeans
by michael January 30, 2004
48 22
Im goin to fill you with my sex-wee
by GGrovesy October 20, 2008
22 9
Meaning cum, jizz, spank juice.
y0 d00d advil got so excited by the pic of Cait's boobs on the bam chat he done sex wee alllll over the keyboard.
by xJessex April 11, 2004
24 15
spunk,cum,jizz,love milk
he made me do a sex wee in my pants
by pat graham December 10, 2003
14 9
Its what happens when u get excited over a girl, or boy (For any girl, gay or bi person)
Woah shes hot! (*SQUIRT* - Sex wee comes out)
by Gaz December 13, 2003
18 14