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Sex porridge is the male sex cell basically spunk
im going to sprey my sex porridge all over you!
by WADDO October 17, 2007
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The frothy mixture of both male and female ejaculate fluids that appears on your bed post coitus. This mixture generally leads to an argument over which sexual partner sleeps on which side of the bed. In turn this may lead to anger sex creating enough sex porridge to open up a soup kitchen
Man: "Wow that was incredible sex... I think I want the wall side of the bed."
Woman: "No I'm sleeping on the wall side... I have enough sex porridge on this side to offer customers the soup of the day."
by SnakeJunior June 13, 2013
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sex porridge is the fluid that is ejeculated by a male during sexual intercause.
I'm spreying my sex porridge tonight
by Waddo October 18, 2007
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