A person who's mind is filled with filth, Someone who is only after one thing and will try hard at all costs to get it. When refused he will simply turn to the next target
Oi that Callum kid is a real sexpest
Ikr, he's such a circumsized prick
by SnoopDogg2k15 August 12, 2015
Gagging for something they will never get, tries too hard. When rejected cries and turns to whales of the female variety, eg: fatty fatty fatty or shmoo the whale.
"God, Ian is such a sex pest, he ended up with shmoo again!"
by William Scholes May 11, 2008
One who has recently discovered the benefits of regular love. One who now feels the freedom to inappropriately pester one's female friends without fear of repurcussion.
Benny: Erotic Nuisance
by FellaFace May 31, 2005
see the definition PK
Look at that sex pest he's acting all PK
by Another Cool Dude October 08, 2004
A man who lives in the country and likes to seek friends of the younger variety
Andy is a fookin sex pest
by delbert October 14, 2004
A man who gives women unwanted sexual attention. For instance pulling womens' thongs, staring down their tops or telling them lewd jokes. Will take every opportunity to turn the most innocent of conversations/ situations, into sordid sex fests and who runs around clubs and bars persistantly trying to get laid, irregardless if people have turned them down cold.
Jesus Dan, will you stop being such a fucking sex pest!!!!!
by blackrooster69 June 05, 2015

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