Someone who is only after one thing and will try hard at all costs to get it. When refused he/she will turn to chavs/chavettes.
Ronnie the sex pest - he knows who he is.
by Chavaliermayteinnit November 23, 2004
Top Definition
A man who gives women unwanted sexual attention. For instance pulling womens' thongs, staring down their tops or telling them lewd jokes.
That Mike is such a sex pest he was over here the other week peeping at the neighbours getting changed.
by Blackrooster May 19, 2006
A person who's mind is filled with filth. Will take every opportunity to turn the most innocent of conversations/ situations, into sordid sex fests.

Will be prone to expose themselves.
Al:"Mate, have a butchers at this!"
Ben:"Dude! Seriously! Put the mouse back in the house!"
Nick:"Bloody sex pest!"
by Banj December 20, 2004
A total pervert who is constantly talking about sexual actions with females either in person or on facebook.
Truffas - Paul are we going town tonight?

Paul D - Yes, we finishing in Ikon?

Truffas - Yeah too right....Is your brother coming out?

Paul D - No mate, he's looking at every photo album of every girl on his friends list.

Truffas - sex pest.

Paul D - Yeah, I bet he'll be in town at 4am ready to pounce on stragglers with his Rohypnol.
by DavCJ19 March 25, 2009
Somebody who goes around all the women in the office and chats them up, regardless of whether or not they are single or want his attention. When they reject him, he will continue to pursue resulting in either success or a sexual harassment case.
Manager: "Why is John not at his desk?"
Secretary: "He's in a 'meeting' with Tessa."
Manager: "Ok, that makes sense. That John's a real sex pest. You'd better call him on the intercom."
Window cleaner: "Hey, that sex pest John has got a different woman spread out on the desk today"
by MaskedRider July 06, 2011
Someone who runs around clubs and bars persistantly trying to get laid, irregardless if people have turned them down cold.
'Jesus, will you stop being such a fucking sexpest. I'll never sleep with you in my most drunken black out!!!!!!!!!'
by ~~t~~ August 09, 2007
A person who's mind is filled with filth, Someone who is only after one thing and will try hard at all costs to get it. When refused he will simply turn to the next target
wez is a Sex Pest
by Hugues_de_Paynes December 17, 2010

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