1. A sexy young man usually named Tim who's irresistible to an older sexy Jenn
2. Who'll give you multiple orgasms in one hot sex session
3. A sex panther has great texting etiquette and is always on time, if not early
Jenn: "Sorry, I can't hang out this weekend, I've got a date with a sex panther."
Christie: "Isn't a date usually just a night?"
Jenn: "It's a sex panther, they last all weekend so I'll need time to recuperate."
Christie: "Damn I wish my man was a sex panther..."
by sweetpea scissorbill July 09, 2010
if wikipedia says a Sex kitten is a term that typically refers to a woman with sex appeal. It often has a connotation of sexual aggression.1. The term originated circa 1958, and was used to describe French starlet and pouty nymphette Brigitte Bardot, who appeared in the 1957 film And God Created Woman. It has also often been used in association with Ann-Margret23, star of the 1964 film Kitten with a Whip. Then a sex panther exceeds all this.
i would have to say that Gina Gershon and Diane Lane certainly would have to qualify as sex panther types of women.
by DaynaS March 31, 2008
a woman who has fully developed her sexuality and is thus capable of attracting a member of the other sex, henceforth known as prey, on the basis of pure sex appeal. no flagrant flirtation is needed, nor is the overt use of sexual innuendo: the sex panther is captivating on her own terms and needs nothing more than her own sexy self to hunt down her prey and bring it back to the lair for immediate consummation.. i mean, consumption

men want her
women want to be her
Risa was such a sex panther the other night; she captured three different prey within the hour!
by MAL216 May 24, 2007
Unarguably the second most flirtatious person alive, is known for his rubisco based chat up lines and cheeky smile. Super hot, super sexy, and generally awesome" Something like that.
"Wow, is that really sex panther?"
"Yeah, he knows what the most abundant enzyme on the planet is!"
by KatieLeacock May 31, 2007
A Sex Panther is a preditor, be aware they could quite possibly be the most gorgeous thing in the world, it is a level above sexy. They tend to comune in lairs and to hunt one out is lairing. can be abbreviated to SP
Don't look now but there is a sex panther standing behind you, he was such a sex panther, sex panther alert!
by KaraJ April 08, 2007
a sexually misguided but extremely rare breed that eludes until finding its ideal mate, and when finally found goes "overdrive" and pounces on said *other predator* without any warning...DAMN!
Meeting the sex panther had me like wait ...DAMN!
via giphy
by Flasss H May 06, 2016
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