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1.a short, impudent, young adult who is sexually frustrated, bordering on homosexuality because of his inability to be "in" with the opposite sex.
2.someone with a problem with locker room showers and slip 'n slides.
1. After last night, I decided that Charles is a sex pancake.
2. He was such a sex pancake yesterday.
by Sex Muffin the 3rd December 08, 2006
48 36

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Tasty meal of hotcakes enjoyed the morning after after banging your best friend.
After the two friends had an intimate night, they shared a plate of sexpancakes the next morning.
by Nick Agresti September 15, 2007
8 3
Stack of hotcakes enjoyed after having sexual relations with your best friend.
After having sexual relations with my bff, we helped ourselves to some delicious sexpancakes this morning.
by Nick Agresti July 27, 2007
1 4