A chick that gets so wasted at club and/or bar, has to get wheeled out via wheel chair
(Outside night club/bar, closing time) "Okay boys, here comes 'sex on wheels'"
by scott.thomas June 21, 2016
a person, place or thing that is extremely sexxi. basically anything or anyone i like at the time
josh is sex on wheels!!!
by emi May 20, 2005
A yellow ruite 66 limited PT cruiser with hippy stickers and a shroom sticker (that still needs to be put on) with a cock humping a shark hanging of the rear view window. Sex on Wheels has it's downsides though; they usually end up being cursed and accident probed due to people staring deeply at it's sexiness.
kid: your mom can take us to mcdonalds tonight right?
me: yeah but it might not be safe, people are always staring at her sex on wheels
by houdinimasterfive August 25, 2009
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