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one who collects and/or hords sex

that chick jamie, she a sex monger
by Zac January 07, 2005
A hot person, especially one that many people want to bang.
Mary: Ooh, Joel Madden. What a sex monger.
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
a person who promotes and/or engages in sex especially promiscuous sex
The sorority girl slept with three guys in one night, she is such a sexmonger.
by z7prophet July 09, 2009
Someone who is constantly compelled by sexual urges, and will do everything, and anything to get it.
"Gees Lauren has handcuffs?"
"Yes she's a SEX-MONGER"
by Donald Wonald haha September 08, 2008
A person (usually a guy) who tells a girl he loves her just to sleep with her, then when she doesn't have sex with him he breaks up with her.
Girl 1: Are you and Dick still together?

Girl 2: No. I wouldn't have sex with him so he dumped me.

Girl 1: What a Sex Monger.

Girl 2: I know right? He's an ass.
by deathcabforme<3 June 09, 2011
someone that has a fantasy about sex while monging! (see mong)
im having a sex mong go away.
by samydoot March 23, 2005
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