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1.) a person that can go on having sex for interminable amounts of time on end
2.) someone whom the women love and always want to have sex with
3.) me
mmm jack. You are such a sex machine. I wanna have sex with you all the time. Please eat me out and suck my tits. Can I give you a blowjob? Please have sex with me.
by jack January 25, 2004
addicted to sex....and damn good at it
you are a sex machine!!!
by Anonymous December 07, 2002
a machine used to get a woman off. Usually has a dildo on the end of it.
I knew becky was a freak when I saw her sex machine.
by KroSS October 07, 2004
A man-made sexual partner; A sex-bot; A robot with a dong; A robot with an 'access port'
I just spent 300 grand on a sex machine, but I'm still lonely...

Run for your lives! The sex machines are revolting!
by GeneralFailure March 05, 2005
One who enjoys having sex multiple times in a given period of time; Ryan Vishey.
Ryan Vishey is one hot, sex-machine!
by Ryan Vishey March 30, 2003
More often than not, a male, who without thought or feelings mindlessly pursues women for sexual gratifacation.He eats sleeps and drinks sex. A one trick pony!
Vinny had sex with three different women last night, what a sex machine he is!
by Victim/Vindicated September 29, 2007
A machine (person) who is quiet active in thier sex life. Sometimes refered to as Hot Spicy Tamales. Has had many sexual encounters and is very experienced.
Wow did you see that Sex machine Mike?
by And3h December 17, 2007
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