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A young, sexy girl who is often considered slutty, as she is generally curious and ready to try new things; hence "kitten," a much sexier word than the typical "curious cat."
That sexy girl was all ready for me to penetrate her in places she had never been penetrated before! What a sex kitten!
by cat attack xx July 09, 2005
a female who is uber-hot & guys wanna procrate(have sex/fuck) with.
by Mike March 30, 2005
1. a nickname randomly given to a best friend after a fight.
2. a nickname perferably used to give sexually appealing people a better place in the world.
3. a cheap hooker found in reno.
where'd you get your sex kitten?
by Paige and daytona June 11, 2008
an over sexed girl, usualy a slutty little young girl
she is a sex kitten
by JDOGG June 02, 2004
a nicer name for a slut. a girl who plays mind games with guys & will do anything for money. often called a tramp or a ho or a prostitute.
That slut Sami is Mike's sex kitten. She does anything he wants!
by Blonde Jew September 02, 2004