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(noun) Obtaining a cottony dryness in your mouth, as a result of heated breathing, after having engaged in elongated sexual acts. Similar to "cotton mouth."
Guy 1: "Dude, throw me a couple of those bottled waters, I just spent the last two hours scoring a threesome!"

Guy 2: "Wow, you must have mad sex breath."
by EJ Slizzard October 28, 2010
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Breath that results from mouth-to-genital sexual acts, often referred to as "dick breath" after giving head and "pussy breath" after eating a girl out. It is never pleasant and always repulsive; often one notices it when waking up after a long, sex-filled night.
Girl 1: "I woke up with the worst sex breath this morning...all i taste is penis"
Girl 2: "Damn, you must have had fun last night..."
Girl 1: "I'm never drinking again."

Guy 1: " breath. It won't go away...I hate when this happens. Ruins breakfast."
Guy 2: "Just be grateful you get it so often."
Guy 1: "True.."
by mcatzz April 25, 2011
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