A girl of extreme physical attractiveness.
Tyla Corfield is def a sex bomb and @.
by adrewrindylou February 02, 2008
used for people who spread sexiness around there hometown or people who are really sexy you say you dont stare but you kinda look at him for a good 20 seconds
Girl1: you know that lad there well hes dead sexy
Girl2: lemme see.... oh god he is and all
People: hes the sexiest motherfucker in the world
Girl1: well he must be a sex bomb then according to most people
by ronnie1997 August 03, 2011
A room (or vehicle) that is in complete disarray after a steamy hook-up.
Inspector Purple: I am exhausted after that totally steamy hook-up. Damn look at this place. There is clothes all over and look at all the overturned furniture. It looks like a sex bomb exploded in this place.
Gidget: I know, it will take forever to clean the place up.
Inspector Purple: It sure will! I am too damn exhausted to clean up this sex bomb!
by Inspector Purple September 24, 2009
Sexy-ness beyond belief, Desiree, Sophia & Shweta take home the prize of being the ultimate sex bombs. God they are sexy.
"Gosh they are just the definition of sexy! Those Sex Bombs!"
by LeLittleMeep March 09, 2013
A shot glass of J├Ągermeister dropped into a glass of Sex Drive energy drink makes a cocktail called a Sex Bomb.
Jager + Sex Drive Energy Drink = SEX BOMB!
by TXXB October 31, 2011
A woman who is very sexually attractive. Commonly used by men, who are use it in thier homosexuality.
"I think that chick is the sexbomb to me".

"Goronchev may not be a girl, but he's a sexbomb for all the gay males".
by benos July 31, 2009
is when you have sex with a girl for hours on end and make her have multiple orgasms
julia:oh gary was sooo good last night we he went on for hours

lisa:wow thats impressive

julia:he was like a sex bomb
by BRUISER4LIFE May 25, 2010

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