When you grow the sides underneath the sideburns out so that it tickles the inner thighs of a female as your perform oral sex to give her more satisfaction.
"Look at that guy's sex beard, that must tickle her fancy!"
by Mike Samson April 29, 2008
Facial hair grown by a man when he hits depression and gives up trying to score with the ladies of his type, and he refuses to shave until he actually does get laid. This aids in not only motivating him due to the itchiness, but also lowers his standards to pork any hoebag.
Guy1: Dude, i need to get outta this bar, my neck is itchin the hell out of me...

Guy2: no way man, there's some drunk chicks down the end of the bar. finish your PBR and head down there.

Guy1: i guess so man, they are fat, but i really need to get rid of the sex beard.
by milkacow June 18, 2008

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