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sexual intercourse and pot is by far the most pleasurable sensation in the world immediatly followed by pizza
dude: so you quit pot? do you miss it
some hippie: naah not the pot, just the sex when i whas high.. its even better then half an XTC and halve a viagra
(sex and weed, untill global warming kills the marijuana plants or else for ever!)
by SomeGuyAgain January 16, 2010
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What 95% of the definitions on this website consist of. Could have nothing to do with the word that is searched, yet still be one of the definitions.
I looked up basketball and sex and weed made up half of the god damn definitions. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same thing on every fckin word I look up. For example, (n. Slang term for marijuana) or (v. When you are banging your girl and...)
by NotMattStru November 26, 2009
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The only natural gifts from God. Whoever thought of and agrees with marijuana being illegal and no sex till youre 18 will burn in hell and get fucked up by God personally...
Nigga, fuck the government, how dare they try to take away the only gifts that God gave us. Well it dont really matter anyway, ive been fucking them bitches since i was 11, and ive been smokin herb since i was 9.
by Reggaetonist November 04, 2004
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