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Term of endearment for “severance pay” used by those with the savvy to intentionally acquire it, by way of carefully calibrated workplace misbehavior, annoyance, and incompetence.
My job is great, if by “great” you mean “a slow-motion train wreck that destroys my hopes & dreams in between shitty paychecks.” Time to tap into my sevvy savvy and get the hell out of here a little bit richer.
by Copernic January 17, 2012
A nickname for seventh graders.
Octi: Remember when we were sevvies?
Friend: Yeah, damn, us sevvies always got the drama.
by hey77 November 18, 2010
A major cutie who is really sweet and seems innocent but is actually very kinky
"Sevvy is so innocent"

"no. She isn't."
by YEE o November 18, 2015
Stupid ass kid in the 7th grade that thinks he/she is the shit.
Man that fuck is just a little sevvy.
by Xam Silliw March 29, 2004
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