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a lame seventh grader who gets in the locker room first so they get a better view of whats going on during the halftime talk than the rest of the cool 8th and 9th graders
Kaylie, how did the freakin sevies get in front of us?
by Kaitlin January 10, 2004
1.A name used by older middle school students to describe dim-witted or annoying seventh graders.

2.Generally degrading, the term is occasionally an endearment (i.e. my special sevie).

Generally though, it is an exclimation of annoyance toward the newbs.

3. A term thats usage is the only gratifying part of being in eighth grade.
Seventh Grader 1: "Where is my classroom...I can't find it even though the school is one big circle divided into two hallways specified clearly for seventh and eighth graders"

Seventh Grader 2"I know, I just can't figure anything out, even though the set-up is logical and has been explained to me several times. I hate middle school!"

Seventh Grader 3"I would rather be at home supplimenting my Jonas Brothers shrine"

Rebecca(eighth grader): Oh my God! Get out of my way you stupid sevies!
by Veronica St. James February 11, 2009
a child in the seventh grade, who is usually annoying. sevie can sometimes be good, but is rarerly used for good-natured purposes. sevies are typically weak and smell bad.
These dang sevies make the hall so crowded!
by Sister Eustachia December 06, 2010
A seventh grader. Sevies are always so immature and have their total sevie moments.
Anne: jeahkjklahjfkjsdfhaikjfasdh HEE HAWWWW
Lily: Wow you're such a sevie, Anne.
by wise.grasshopper August 24, 2009
A seventh grader who happens to be smart enough to move up to eight grade math class, and is made fun of because of it.
Person 1: Dude sevie number 1 just got a 100 on that test
Person 2: I know man those sevies are mad bums
by GDSevies June 24, 2011
A seven inch Penis belonging to a 7th grader
Ushually the guy is atractive and has amazing hair!
Oh Dane your such a Sevie! ahha
by SEVIESALLTHEWAY!!!!! September 07, 2010
a seventh grader, usually new in the school, who knows nothing about the school. the 8th graders get to make fun of them. they could be called a rookie.
guy1-look at those sevies, what losers
guy2-i know, were we really that small?
by john clark February 28, 2005
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