A burger and a six pack.
- What's for dinner?
- Seven-Course Meal
- 'merica!
Top Definition
What an Irishman calls a 6 pack of beer and a boiled potato.
American: I remember once, the wife and I enjoyed a seven course meal.

Irishman: Hell, I have a seven course meal everynight!
by frainslug April 03, 2007
Defined as a liquid dinner. A six pack of beer or similar alcohol products and a small meal. Such as a pie, hotdog or bag of chips Often used before a date or next weekend plan proposal with mates.
GF: "You said you were going to take me out to dinner next week not watch the game with the boys"
BF: " Yeah, come over we are having a seven course meal it will be awesome, just bring some chips."

Mate "The games on next weekend should come over for a seven course meal"
Mate 2 " Fuck yeah I'll grab a carton and there that half litre of rum from last weekend, we'll get on it."
Mate " Fuck yeah, I'm going to get grubby"
by Ceeee February 21, 2015
noun (Australian) a six pack of beer and a meat pie
Can't wait to sit down with a seven course meal and watch the game tomorrow.
by Ryan Paine March 18, 2008
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