Background - From an episode of "Friends" when Monica draws the 7 erogenous zones

Definition - said when you're near an orgasmic climax, extreme excitement, or sensual ecstasy.
1.) I found some seven stains on Jamie's bed last night.

2.) Phillip just sevened all over himself

3.) John : I finished my homework! yes!! SEVEN!
by Arisu October 04, 2004
Micky Mantle's number.
No! I was going to name my kid Seven! Seveeeeeeeennnn!
by G. L. January 04, 2004
1.To perform an action on another using only the number preceding eight and following the number six. Also known as Acute angling.
2.To elect a candidate for the seven club. Outlining the "7" results in member ship but it must be performed by a second member of the seven club. To be designated a, a triple seven must tatoo the number in your arm using a telephone and red dye number 12.
3. To lay grunt work on a shit-kicker
1: Must i seven you again?

2: Would you like to be sevened little boy?

3: Hi, super-allen, here's a seven.
by Adam Paul December 18, 2004
a number what the hell else would it be
2nd grader:look momy i can count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7!
by bill November 04, 2003
Refering to a mazda RX7.
Hit the stick and floor the seven.
by roro January 08, 2004
A guy whose parents got drunk and named him this out of stupidity. He does not tend to always make the best life choices because he has been through a lot. If you're rude to him he will bitch slap you, motherfucker. LOL. He's a really attractive bad boy. He is really sweet once you get to know him and he is a really loyal friend and boyfriend *if you are loyal to him*. He sticks up for what he believes in and people he cares for.
"That Seven kid has a weird name."
"Seven is my best friend."
"I love me some Seven ;)"
"Seven if you see this I didn't write it."
by bitchesdie March 10, 2015

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