A very sweet human being who frequents numerous Avatar sites. Has been known to have the heart of gold, and the ladies love him not only for his good looks, but for his macking. May be one of the most popular users online, if not the most popular user named Seven.
Seven, you're my hero! -Fanatic
by Jenny<7 April 11, 2008
slang for seven-polar. Simalar to bi-polar, but seven emotions.
its the term for being: sad, frusterated, depressed, angry, apathetic, quiet and pensive all at the same time.
Amy B. was so seven yesterday... John and Lorenzo were so gay and leaving her out so Margie and Mal totally tried to cheer her up.
by Amy Dee B. June 29, 2006
a linguistic and semiotic reprentation of the numerical 7
i had seven things to do today and as i have forgoten what they are i am writing an entry for the urban dictionary
by zaum June 21, 2006
one of the many nicknames for the mullet.

7 <-- look at it

see also: threes and sevens
most people who listen to Warrant still sport the 7.
by Ricky Roma November 29, 2003
1. A character in Star Trek: Voyager; 2. The number that follows six and comes before eight; 3. A person who gives other people difficult and annoying tasks to complete.
"Oh my God, you are such a seven, Brittany!"
by Ainsertusernamehere April 22, 2008
To get a major erection, or an erection in general.
Broski, I have such a seven from that chick on stage!
by sevenisseven December 22, 2010
A gathering of like minded musicians. (dutch)
Actually, Conan, it's the Mäx Veinbarg Seven.
by RealmRPGer October 04, 2006
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