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Sevens refers to the seven digits of a phone number (even if the number of digits is ten, it can still be referred to as "the sevens") most likely acquired from a girl. It is always plural and is interchangeable with "digits."
Yo, I talked to this girl today and i totally got her sevens.

Nucca, i betchu won't get that honeys sevens...
by CPDizzle February 06, 2009
To commit a canine act by goin back on plans made with mates without warning, instead preferring to be whipped into going to clubs like seven by a girlfriend. Decision made in a matter of seconds, usually leaving mates dumbfounded.
In the space of a few seconds, Mr Whippy's plans had changed from going to crown with his mates to asking them if they are 'coming to seven'. He had done a seven.
by Mr Human November 30, 2009
Seven, {7}
{7} is not a word, a number or a letter. unlike its better known 7, {7} is an entity of its own entirely.
Mick: She's a babe, What you reckon?
Zach: I'd give her a {7}.
Mick: A 7 out of 10?
Zach: No, just {7}
Mick: Oh a {7} i see

Sue: How long does this have to cook for?
Zach: {7}
Sue: 7 minutes?
Zach: Just {7} woman.

Zach: whats your favourite number?
Ryan: 69
Zach: Oh yea 69 is so {7}

Pronounced "Seven"
Written "{7}"
by Zach127 December 17, 2008
meaning cool, chill, awesome, fun, ect.
That party was so seven.
by Sixela Yeltaeh May 24, 2011
number used to delete something from a technical device. Can also be used to ignore or "fake delete" something someone has said..without be rude.
"hey, how are you today?"

-"uhh, seven"
by snookalike May 02, 2011
A high quality first name with a lot of panache.
Wake up Seven, breakfast is ready.
by Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali October 07, 2009
The perfect way to annoy, distract,or ignore someone.
Joe: A what time is it?

Bill: Seven
Joe: Oh...A where you get that hat at?
Bill: Seven
Joe: Wth are you talking about Seven?!
Bill: Seven!
Joe:Seven what?! It was Seven dollars?
Bill: Nope! Just seven foo.
Joe: What-thefuck-ever. Just shutup...
by Biill Cosby September 26, 2009