an attempt to say "see him" when a small, lightweight boy drinks himself into oblivion and is no longer able

Snewy: "i wont be sick because i don't feel very sick at all"

Simon: "how much have you had to drink sam?"

Snewy: "ya see the thing is, wally is gonna see this, and i don't wanna seum"
by James Malcolm Partridge August 29, 2008
Top Definition
French word used by youngs from suburbs meaning to have hate
J'ai seum
I have seum
by Sofyan July 27, 2008
The number after 6 and before 8
"five, six, seum"
"Dat nigga got bout seum or eight slugs"
"I'ma need bout seum dollars to make it to work next week"
by Red February 12, 2004
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