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to do something fun for a prolonged period of time; an abbreviation of session. usually used in northern scotland when telling someone to get something done.
"get that party seshed edmuir"

"seshing it"

"man we need to make some cakes and get the flour seshed"
by soda dreamer September 21, 2007
After somone undergoes such a long sesh, they begin to feel ultra-relaxed. Otherwise known as... seshed.

See warped.
Oh man, I'm so seshed right now!
by Derek C. March 14, 2005
to whine constantly about things that are out of your control, or just dont matter.
Man, quit seshing. You have a flat tire, jest change it and shut up.
by [1MAN]RedRaiderTheGreat January 22, 2005
When a person has a long enough sesh, they start to feel ultra-relaxed, or seshed.

See warped.
Oh man, I'm so seshed!
by Derek C. March 14, 2005
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