Very long group use of the website myspace.
ussualy lasts all night and well into the morning
Bill:DUDE, we had the fucken raddest myspace sesh last night, i got like 425452 comments and messages!!!
by Kevin Quesidila September 09, 2006
1. a slang term for a make-out session

2. hooking up.
1. Did you hear that True and Henry seshed?

2. You two should sesh.
by dolphingirll345 October 14, 2011
A shortened way of saying "session".
Im having a weed sesh tonight.

What sesh is next?
by strunner June 04, 2009
Where a group of two or more people play call of duty for a ridiculous amount of time - usually into the early hours of the morning. This involves a shitload of banter!!

Sesh comes from the word session.
Cod is short for call of duty and is a fuckin intense fps!!
'Sesh it up boiiis'
'Sesh on cod mate'
'Big sesh tonight lads'
'Sesh from 6 til 6 yeah?'
by yeah_sesh November 04, 2009
1-ANY activity persisting over time horizons, small or large.

2-An abbreviation for the word session.

3-May also refer to emotional, physical, or mental states.

4- Any experience which is definable in time horizons, usually marked by beginning and end, often used as a subtle comment on the impermanence of these expriences.
"Good hack sesh."
"That whole angry sesh ruined my good vibes!"

"Good backpacking sesh."
"good tripping sesh"
Possbile dying words "good life sesh"
by allaboutthemountains November 17, 2009
Short for session, informal. usually refers to a group activity, commonly riding bmx's or smoking marijuana.

Seshing/sessioning, is used in riding terms for the object you are having the sesh on.
Wanna go have a bit of a sesh later?

we were sessioning that box all night, was crazy.

Let's go seshing on New street, got some sick grinds!
by Emberz October 27, 2007
when a group of friends throws in a nice fat lip (chewing tobacco) and has some quality bonding time in which they talk about anything. Seshes can be held anywhere but are usually held in the bathroom stalls, cars, or in dorm rooms.
yo tyler wanna go have a sesh at lunch?

you up for a sesh?
by bjchris69 September 19, 2010
To session something up.

To undertake a certain action or activity.
"Oy sesh some music up"
"What do you want to crank?"
"The Chronic - Dre and Snoop"
"Hardout sesh!"

"Keen for a DF sesh?"
"Hell yeah Nigga lets smash up the dance floor"

"Yo man i am hungry you down for a subway sesh"
"For sure nigga lets roll."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill August 23, 2009

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