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An expression one uses to descirbe a person who rashly seizes every opportunity to take life far too damn seriously.
Chris: "Turn off the music, i can't concentrate on my driving."

Matt: "Screw you Chris, you freaking serious bean."
by Matt Kinghorn March 14, 2007
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The term used when being totally and utterly serious. Often times seen as srs bns and mistaken for srs bsns (serious business).

Sometimes srs bsns can be mistaken for srs bns when one is quickly and excitedly reading something they find interesting or amusing -- there is a very distinct difference between the two, so try to read carefully. No one wants to upset the serious beaners.
Okay guys, this is serious beans -- Sara Quinn randomly shows up halfway through Kaki King's music video!
by Gingie_Sandie_SrsBns October 05, 2010
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