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Listening, but not listening, blah blah blah.........Thinking to yourself...." Lying ass, would this motha fucka shut up for a fuckin minute".
Jaime: I met and macked on five bitches last night.

Joe: Serious ?
by Rule 3 May 10, 2005
2 11
adjective; also known as "real serious," "real fuckin serious," or "RFS."

used to describe generally negative associations, or making a reference to one's mental standing (under the influence).
1. That bitch with the hideous extensions is real fuckin serious!

2. After waking up with last nights makeup still on, I am RFS!!

3. I've smoked too much... I'm serious!
by pam/smashing pandora July 29, 2005
13 23
A term Usually used by asains meaning are you serious.
Aki: Yo man, Those gori got banged
Kasim: serious?
Aki: Kasmi
by KhhAllEdd May 08, 2006
7 19