v. To powerfully dominate, usually in a sport, business, or other competitive area.

I am totally going to serena you. You'll be lucky if you survive!

Dude! It's just ping-pong.
by gnostic 1 December 30, 2012
Beautiful girl, loves the outdoors; fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, sports, ect. Very strong, independant woman, knows how to get what she wants. Very smart and classy, almost perfect smile. Her best feature is her eyes. More of a 'Country girl' then a 'City Slicker'
1.) "Hey man, do you know who Serena is?"
"Yeah, she's that one chick that's really fine!"

2.) "Have you seen Serena?"
"You might want to check the barn, she's probably near horses."
by Sweet Thannng August 09, 2009
Serena means calm, tranquil or serene. Most Serena's may be nicknamed 'Serene Queen' by their friends or surrounding males because of their extreme sexual appeal. Serenas may seem innocent or 'cute' and shy at first sight, but if she likes you, get her alone with you and that switch will flip. Serenas are the best kissers and can go for long without air, so if you want to take things slow she's a grade A make out partner. Serenas usually have a unrealistically large bust, so don't be surprised if her breasts attract other males attention.

Serenas are also the best friends to other girls, and will give great advice if asked, and are also great listeners. Because of their quiet first impression, Serenas don't backstab, gossip or back talk in any way. Serenas however are surprisingly daredevils, but only when asked to do a dare.

Serenas sometimes have long, honey blonde hair that is extremely soft. Serenas look best with a high ponytail. Serenas can also have blue eyes. This combination is the most common and best in Serenas, which is how you know you've found a genuine Serena.

If you find a Serena, keep her. She is the best girlfriend and will make you smile everyday, whether it be from her happy comments or her sexual prowess.
Guy 1: Look at that girl!
Guy 2: Must be a Serena. She has big boobs, honey blonde hair and blue eyes.
Guy 1: Wish I had a girlfriend as hot as her.
by Solak December 23, 2014
Serena: first off, if the straight beauty of that name doesn't send chills down your spine, you are either blind or death.. Not sure what that would be. But this is a girl with beautiful blonde hair, breathtaking brown eyes, the most perfect face, and everything about her is enough to send every man going crazy. She is the most beautiful girl to ever walk this earth. She's a true southern belle who likes to have a good time in the mud, and looks sexier than any girl in Victoria's Secret lingerie model whenever Serena wear just a t shirt, miss me jeans, and cowgirl boots. She's a real cow girl too. She's been broken and is fragile. She doesn't always make the best descisions, but that may be the only flaw she has. She makes any guy fall in love with a swing of the hips and a bat of her eyes. She's such an angel. She's waiting for her country man to sweep her off her feet, little does she know, he's probably right there... She has the voice of an angel, and the heart of a horse. She cares so much for everyone else that nothing kills her more than to see someone hurting. She is honnestly the most beautiful, caring, perfect girl to ever walk this earth. She is the best girl to ever walk into a guys life, and the worst thing to ever watch leave. Any guy should be thanking Hod every day for her, because she deserves the best. She is honnetly the most amazing thing to ever happen to me.
I sure love serena.

That Serena is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me.
by Kevdawg25 February 26, 2015
A rachet ass hoe who is a skany bitch. This is a girl that really gets around and is always putting her self out there. She is also a two faced bitch really short and stubby needs to keep her legs closed. She has only one fake friend that is a bitch to her and talks mad shit about her also she is stanky and doesnt take showers but she really could use it one day. she is very ugly and nasty, she looks like my grandpa old renkily ball sack.
person 1: "watch out troll alert troll alert!"
person 2: "oh no her comes the rachet skank serena who let her out from under neath the bridge?!?"
by serena April 03, 2015
a beautiful girl who you think is the woman of your dreams. but after 1 yr n x months she will leave you. and she will act like nothing happened with you. n then she goes off with one of your best friends
i love serena. but i wish she never left </3
by Lancelot13 January 23, 2011
The previous entry is most assuredly not about Serena Phillips of Henderson, Nevada.
When Serena Phillips said "I know that urbandictionary entry on 'Serena' is about me," she was wrong.
by notserena March 20, 2007

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