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Amazing, Beautiful, Caring, Musically Talented girl. Which gets jealous easilly but tends not to let it show.

A "darkhorse" would hide something from everyone which is important to her and pretends to be someone else but if she would be herself people would be amazed.
Loves Serena to bits, wouldn't live without her. =)
by MusicTechNerd February 07, 2010
An incredible gal who is perfect in every way, who is a brilliant sailor and musician. Who makes my day every day. thanks for being there.
by N4SD April 16, 2010
The girl that you know for a while, and then you finally realize that she's kinda hot and fun to be around, but by then it's almost too late. Most guys will miss their chance to get a real Serena and regret it for a long time.
-man, i need a date for this weekend, but there aren't any chicks around.
-yo man i never noticed but check out that Serena.
-shit i never noticed either fuck shhes not bad shees kinda hot! Maybe i'll ask her out
-nah man too late shes got a guy
by mAakers November 15, 2010
a very nice loving caring girl who usually is hispanic or caucassion serena is outgoing and is hilarious is a very talented singer or musician loves children can get aggravated slightly easy most serenas are born in march are sexy have brown flowing hair and brown eyes that you can get lost in she can keep secrets but loves to gossip serena is the BEST FRIEND you should have that is serena
guy1:yo did you see serena last night she was gathering a crowd!

guy2:how was she gathering a crowd

guy1: with her singing and sxyness

guy2:dont you just love serena

guy1: i sure do(sigh)
by love,serena March 15, 2010
Amazing, Awesome, Beautiful. Artistic, Stylin' (YEAH. ;D), and of course... annoying. JOKES.

She can be quite a tease but can also be your BESTFRIEND. (:
Oh look , there's Serena!

- Your "Dear"

^ Lawl. (:
by J-Costa August 30, 2010
She is a young and extremely beautiful female that any guy would be lucky to have. She usually has long hair that is really soft and she has beautiful eyes that you would want to stare at forever. If you happen to get yourself a Serena then cuddling is the best thing that you will want. If you find yourself involved with a Serena make sure to never let her go because she won't be left alone for very long.
Guy 1: Hey bro, wanna hang out tonight?

Guy 2: I can't. I'm going to hang with my girlfriend Serena.

Guy 1: Awwww man! I need to get myself a Serena.
by Buddy31 March 05, 2013
v. To powerfully dominate, usually in a sport, business, or other competitive area.

I am totally going to serena you. You'll be lucky if you survive!

Dude! It's just ping-pong.
by gnostic 1 December 30, 2012