The previous entry is most assuredly not about Serena Phillips of Henderson, Nevada.
When Serena Phillips said "I know that urbandictionary entry on 'Serena' is about me," she was wrong.
#serena #this #asian #half-asian #enormous mouth
by notserena March 20, 2007
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beautiful in all ways
kind in all ways
willing to help others
knows what she wants and always sets goals and acomplishes the
pretty,cute,sexy,fun,love laughing
when i grow up i wanna be just like serena beautiful and successful

i wish i was as pretty as serena
#serena #sexy #nice #fun #cute #smart
by donteventrip August 16, 2008
hottie with a body!!!
Serena"s cutie with a body
#cutie #hottie #body #smexy #sexy
by Tristenn May 07, 2008
Means serene. Calm. Peaceful. Speaks her mind. Female name. Not always the center of attention, but always wants to be. Mature. VERY mature. Usually has older friends. Makes good decisions, most of the time. Usually has one or two friends that she can trust the most. Couldn't live without music. Couldn't live without her mom OR dad. Cares for many people. Doesn't put up with crap. Very sensitive. Mildly attractive. Her friends can variate from nerds to gangstas. Tries to befriend everyone she meets. Prejudice against certain types of people, but is glad she was born that way. Loves having many friends. Get's jealous not very easily, but if she does than she will take action. Get's annoyed by non-mature people (for her age group). She makes people think she doesn't want a relationship but inside truly does. Keeps most things inside that would effect other people in a negative way, except for that friends she can trust the most and talk to about everything. Just genuinely a good person.
Hey, you know that Serena girl?

Yeah, shes pretty cool.

Yeah. She's really nice too, if you get to know her.

Really? I think I just will.
#serena #seren #serene #sarina #serina #sarena #sarana #sirina #sirena #sirana
by adamlambertforever March 11, 2010
possibley the funniest girl alive
loud and very proud
will always get what she wants
serena enjoys a fun Shetland Toss
#funny #bitch #hottie #booty #vege
by ninjaturtleface March 01, 2009
Is an amazing and beautiful girl. Has an amazing singing voice and musically talented, easy to have a laugh with and very trustworthy.
Hides her truth away from others as does not want over people to judge her.

Would be very lucky to have a serena in your life. =)
Loves Serena to bits =)
#beautiful #amazing #caring #trustworthy #musical #love
by MusicTechNerd February 07, 2010
Unstoppable, Brute Force, straight up power. A machine capable of over coming any power challenge.
Damn that Terminator is unstoppable.
It's definitely a Serena.
#serena #terminator #machine #unstoppable #power
by SolidBruceLee March 09, 2009
is one sexy mysterious girl that every guy wants. She acts bubbly on the outside, but has a hidden dark side that is so evil and so sexy it makes everyone partially terrified and partially turned on. A Serena seems innocent, but is crazy hot in bed.
Don't mess with her, she's a Serena.

-Dude, dont blow us off for a girl.
-She's not just a girl, she's a Serena.
#serena #sarina #demon #sexy #mysterious
by gorDdaMAKK May 01, 2010
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