hardcore bitchass band from Lytham St.annes. Marc plays guitar for them. I love marc. He's small and hairy, like a shrew.
He has an anal beard and he likes to steal rocks,
Some people say he's wierd 'cos he hides them in his socks!

....oh yea, and he plays in a band called Seraphim.
by nyang June 04, 2003
Top Definition
Plural for seraph, the highest rank of the angel hiearchy. It is commonly mistranslated as the singular form of the word. The seraphim are the 'burning ones,' and sing day and night praises to God before God's throne. They have six wings and supposedly move too quickly for mortals to see.
That painting is of the seraphim before God.
by Matt Miller January 31, 2005
The highest ranking among gods holy angels. Next come the Cherubim then thrones. next Dominions Principalities and powers after that theirs VirtuesArch angels and angels
God sent his Seraphim angels to protect the holy
by Scottman April 17, 2003
a shitty symphonic metal band from taiwan. honestly, opera should never be mixed with screamo.
seraphim is one of the worst bands i've ever had to listen to.
by hello dickwad January 13, 2010
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