the day before september eleventh
wtf..dude! today is september 10th the day before 9/11 not 420!!
by booboochickenfoo September 10, 2005
Adj. 1. Something trivial, unimportant, or frivolous. Basically, anything that you don't give a shit about any more.
who cares if you got invited to the party of not? Don't be upset, that's so september-10th.
by Joaquin May 16, 2003
10th of September was a natural but unfortunate occurrence, that devastated a lot of lives in the USA, the year 2005 has been called the year of extreme weather because of the a series of natural climate occurrences (scorching summers that ignited forest fires in Spain, devastating floods in Romania, Germany; tsunamis in Japan); these events were probably caused by the ‘green house affect’ and global warming
September 10th was a natural and unfortunate occurrence, it does not compare to September 11 that was a terrible tragedy caused by a group of people crashing 2 Boing 747 in the WTC.
by Delphi September 10, 2005
unimportant; trivial. how the events that happened on 9/10/01 compared to the events that happened on 9/11/01.
man, why do you care if she doesn't have an orgasm? that's so september 10th.
by whodey June 13, 2004
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