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The last day of serenity in this fucked up country.
The '90s ended with 9/11/01. Oh how I wish I could live September 10th forever.
by Defiled September 10, 2005
The last day in 2001 that anyone categorically stood up to fascism in the United States of America.
“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security” ~ Benjamin Franklin

"We need to strip you of all your rights. Don't you dare oppose me like some September 10th relic." ~ US Fascism, as in Patriot Act
by Sittias September 02, 2008
an old and outdated way of thinking, characterized by complacency and self-satisfaction.
People have become complacent and have reverted back to a September 10th mentality.
by fizzle September 10, 2005
Defined as unimportant, trivial etc. But this is all subjective and can be interpreted by different people in different ways. The events of Sep 11 01 were the culmination of a focus of hatred against other people by terrorist men. One of the things that should have been learned by the whole world from the events of that day should have been that goodwill towards men and women begins at grassroots level and practiced in your everyday life. So, caring about your woman (and man) having an orgasm is a little start at getting the positivity ball rolling in the world. Lots of little things add up to a big thing so to speak. This may sound like idealistic claptrap bollocks, but the sentiment is still sound.
Sorry you didn't have an orgasm darling, let's just have a nice cuddle. Insensitivity and selfishness is so September 10th.
by Missy M September 10, 2005
utter unawareness that tomorrow may bring a calamity.
If you work at the World Trade Center, and its September 10th, don't go to work tomorrow.
by Mojo Mojowitz September 10, 2005
Out of fashion, not "up-to-date," a reflection of time past. Started by High School students in late 2001, early 2002.
Look at those clothes! Bellbottoms? They are *so* September 10th!
by Ed B September 10, 2005
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