possibly one of the greatest emocore bands around and for all u haters how bout u shut the fuck up u don't even know the band so FUCK OFF don't forget "RUM IS FOR DRINKING, NOT FOR BURNING".
don't knock SENSES FAIL untill u listen to SENSES FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!(that was for all u hater faggots!)
by dawggydoo May 04, 2006
An incredible band that people tend to insult or overlook due to the emo genre of their music. Sure, the lyrics are depressing and Buddy Nielson's vocals do tend to whine, but that doesn't make this band any less amazing. Their songs are filled with spiraling dual guitar riffs backed by solid bass lines and powerful drum beats that don't go unnoticed. Whether Buddy is singing a beautiful ballad, screaming his lungs out or just whining like a bitch, the end result is always terrific. With each new album, the band seems to progress in many ways. With Still Searching, the band ended their psychotic murderous phase, and with Life is not a Waiting Room they added a few sprinkles of optimism and offered some insightful words of wisdom, such as "the past can't be your passion." Who knows, maybe a happy album is in the works?
Senses Fail > You
by MrFlopz August 01, 2009
the name Senses Fail comes from the budist belief that to acheive narvana you have to let go and let your "senses fail". Bespite the religous name Senses Fail often critisizes religon, in songs like "rapture". The band's origanal line-up was asembulled when James 'Buddy' Neilsen, lead sing, posted an advertisment on the internet. The band have had many line-up changes over the years, the most resent being Heath as of 2009.
The band has as of 2009 have released 4 album (in order from oldest to youngest): From the depths of dreams, Let it enfold you, Still Searching, and Life is not a waiting room. The band has released two non-album song: Bastard son, and The past is proof (written for the second Punisher movie). The band has announced a new album, with one of the songs for that album, The Matry, as Guitar Hero 4 DLC.
Senses Fail is the best band ever.
by TRIGGRHAPPY October 09, 2009
A band that whines about how they got dumped and take their revenge.. kind of sick and twisted but meaningful if you look at it. One of those good Emo bands that are hard to find.
I got dumped by my Girlfriend and sat in my room and listened to Senses Fail all day to plot a consipiracy against her.
by Arley567 April 10, 2004
The only band I've ever listened to who have successfully made a depressing song about pirates. Dude, thats just wrong...
Example of Senses Fail's depressing pirate lyrics:

This captain goes down with his ship,
All hands on deck, stand hip to hip.
I shout the orders, shoot to kill.
<inaudable whiny screams meant to sound "hardcore">
by good-music-liker October 11, 2005
A band that took elementary school stories of pirates and detectives and tried to make them into songs that are "hardcore". A band whose lead singer dances around in his little sister's pants on stage like he's either having a seizure, or giving birth to a baby as ugly as he is. We could sum up Senses Fail as a gay band trying to show they're scene kid fans that their original by writing gay songs about things our kindergarden teachers used to read to us during naptime.
My five year old sister used to like Senses Fail, but one day they beat her up and stole her pants.
by james14 December 03, 2005
A shitty emo band, where the general audience consists of 11 year old girls and those who failed at life.
I listen to Senses Fail because I failed at life... and I'm an 11 year old girl.
by suck August 06, 2005
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