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A phrase used to motivate one's self to reevaluate or overcome a situation.

Originated when two freshman in Bayside HS were able to grab the bountiful fruits of a senior, in an occupied auditorium accompanied by upperclassmen watching. The story went as like this: A senior offers a free feel up, during conversation. A skeptical sophomore is too afraid to dare touch 'em lumps of gold, so a curious freshman in the conversation decides to seize his opportunity and strike while the iron is hot.
Senior: Just go for it.
Soph: -Skeptical- Now that your asking me to do it I can't.
Senior: *Psshh*
Freshman: *Taps on Senior's shoulder* Do you mind?
Senior: No.
Freshman: *feels her up*

Senior tits was made.
by "Do you mind?" April 11, 2010