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The part of the U.S. Congress (aside from the House of Reps.) that if occupied by mostly wealthy senators, which is, upon examination, relatively undemocratic and unrepresentative.
Man1: I don't get this definition...

Man2: Try reading the essay about the Senate, "What Democracy?" by Richard N. Rosenfeld. It should make sense after you read the essay.

Man1: Fuck that I'm gonna go watch porn.
by Bernard0 September 10, 2009
A governing body of the United States consisting of twenty percent of the state of Wyoming.
People in Wyoming hate when the Senate is out of session- it means longer lines at the communal toilet.
by Chazschwab September 07, 2004
The act of indulging in parpsen
Fatman: Fancy a senate
Thinman: No ta, I've got a sore hooter.
by S. Pod July 20, 2006