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A brand of herbal black licorice breath freshener and throat soother, originally produced in the late 1800s for speakers and performers.
Sen Sen is very strong...
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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1) (adj.) Prefix to any word you want to add an extra flare to a word.
2) (n.) Something that would be a common act of Sensenbrenner.
1) I just took a massive sensenpoop!
1) I hate sensenschool!
1) I hate sensenhomework!
1) I wanna take a sensennap!
2) Oh man, I voted for Bush, I'm such a Sensen!
1&2) Oh man! I just pulled a sensensensen!
by Photoshawwwp April 13, 2005
20 3
Descendant of a godly creature.
Friend: Hey! That person looks amazing!!!

You: Wow! What a Sensen!!!
by attacker101 March 05, 2012
1 0