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I love our Marines, but this is the one Marine in particular that is the dumbass of the group. The one who needs explanation of every detail in every situation.
The one who basis his only value and identity being enlisted in the USMC.
The drunk guy at the bar you have to pull aside and explain for 45 minutes why he can't kill people for looking at him funny.
The one who constantly preaches K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid)
The guy that hasn't served in the USMC in over 20 years but always claims "once a Marine, always a Marine" or "Former Marine".
The one who demands perfection but is far from it!
Im a "devil dawg". Oh yeah? When did you serve? "30 years ago in Vietnam." you mean you were a devildawg?? "Former Devil Dawg son, get it straight." ok , let me Sempla-Fi something for you. Vietnam ended in the 70's
by SecondGlance March 24, 2014
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