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1. A semigovernmentaluberconglomermunicglobobusinecorporatocracy is a type of non-human system or institution that has so many purposes and performs so many different functions that it cannot fit into any of the conventional designations typically assigned to any such entities.
Even though "Just Add Tits" started out as a typical marketing/advertising agency, its unprecedented expansion into a dizzying variety of areas -- Wetland management, Electronic taxidermy, Space exploration, Tax preparation, Biological warfare, Retail petroleum services, Orthadontics, Olfactory cryogenics, and the new KKK (a support group providing activities for morons who have tons of free time since Just Add Tits eliminated racism earlier this century) -- required the word semigovernmentaluberconglomermunicglobobusinecorporatocracy be invented to describe its scope and breadth.
by December 18, 2013
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