Acts as a nutrient pill or vitamin and also whitens your teeth!
Wow, her teeth are white, she must swallow a lot of semen. Ya, id like to stick my cock in that.

Man1: Oh she is really fit, i bet she takes vitamins
Man2: No dude, that bitch drinks semen like EVERYDAY!
by Jeffrey Johnson (MJ) September 17, 2005
Manly fluids of the genitals

People in a submarine
Look, there is semen in the submarine

Look, there is semen in the submarine
by Jesse Denning November 25, 2003
Cock-Snot, Millions of tiny babies floating around ready to penetrate that pussy and hit the eggs. Or just hold it in your mouth.
Me: Dude, did you hear Colton ate his Semen?
Johnny: Yeah it tasted like salt...
by SkeeEEeettTTer11 July 27, 2012
scientific name for cum, jizz, jism, man milk, cream, etc. Actually the thin fluid that transports the millions of tiny, tadpole-like daddies sperm from the testicles and out of the cock when the male is suitably excited - but fluid and content are, unsurprisingly, often confused!
Tracy's ears would always prick up when she heard the word "semen", and her eyes gleamed whenever a man was as good as his word, and she had another chance to gulp down her favourite fast food.
by kofi May 12, 2003
Vitally nutritious compound harvested from the testicles of men. Known to have antidepressant exfoliant and antifungal effects. Pretrials suggest 6 months of daily sperm intoxication may actually be a cure for obsessive compulsive disorder. Recently classified by the W.H.O as a superfood and vital nutrition source to be protected and force fed to the pretty and unwilling. Studies show the semen of gingers to be most beneficial to the growth and emotional development of young confused strippers. Maximum effect in these cases is achieved via manual oral extraction, and/or anal inoculation. Young whores on this modality are advised to take at least 5 or 6 treatments a day, crying and contorting their whore bodies to achieve maximum retention.

Warning: Overuse in the vagina may result in reproduction.
by Daddy77 May 15, 2016
People who work, live, and sail on a ship. People who have a passion for the se.

Also sailors, se people and se-farers.
Why are the others writing such dirty and horrible things about semen?
by sukebe November 17, 2006
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