The white, sweet-and-sour fluid that shoots from the penis of a man.
Claire M's lover's semen was all over the bed after they were finished that night.
by Claire .B.M. February 29, 2004
cum, white sticky liquid that comes from the penis.
He jacked off so much, that he finally ejaculated semen all over himself
by JizzymyWIZZY September 16, 2006
the creamy white stuff that when you bend over in the shower it gets shot in your ass
oh boy today james plugged my ass with semen i wont shit for weeks
by Devin Demaine April 22, 2004
Dick Dreck, the stuff that comes out of the end of a man's dick sometimes.
Sheldon's dick dreck was all over the place - on the sofa's blue velour covering, on the wall, on the floor, and some had even gotten onto the package of Lieber breadsticks that Shirley had left on the coffee table. "Is that kosher?" Shirley asked breathlessly.
by Brammy June 27, 2005
A simple word of which replaces the word 'cum'. Not just in a sexual context, but say you were going to go somewhere you would use the word Semen instead of come or go or going. Semen can also be used in verious other contexts, shown in the examples below. It is derived from Essex, while being used widely and is taking over the modern language.
"I just Semened"
"You Semening to the shops?"
"Where are we semening today?"
by JK,x September 05, 2009
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