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ejaculate from the male penis; tastes like egg whites mixed with saltwater.Loved by some, hated by others.
He rubbed his cock head between the folds of her vulva, then as she began to get wet, he pressed inward, entering with progressively longer strokes. After a few moments he ejaculated his semen into her vagina
by Jake January 10, 2004
semen is white liquid that goes into a women after you pop her cherry and it fertilizes to the egg and helps you get a baby and the white cumshot that shoots out the bell end on your dobber(meaning for a dick)after you pull off
you fucking pansie bastards we are gonna talk about seamen ok seamen swims in the bucket trying to save a poor child after 9 months you cunts the person it saved ''CUMS'' if you know what i mean out the bucket so you gonks thats seamen are now go play with that semen in the minge you wankers (joke made by lucas bolton A.K.A Jackroll)
by Jackroll April 03, 2006
A mispelling of seven.
Its seVen, not seMen!
by Clinker October 21, 2007
Do not put semen in that can!
by John D. April 29, 2004
His humongous oyster required she be given the Heimlich maneuver.
by KB October 08, 2003

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