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ejaculate from the male penis; tastes like egg whites mixed with saltwater.Loved by some, hated by others.
He rubbed his cock head between the folds of her vulva, then as she began to get wet, he pressed inward, entering with progressively longer strokes. After a few moments he ejaculated his semen into her vagina
by Jake January 10, 2004
1) Already mentioned.
2) A very common male name in Russia. Sometimes guy's last name duplicates first name with postfix "ov". It's not associated with spunk in russian.
Cum here for lunch, Semen Semenov.
by Antispark April 23, 2008
Waylon Smithers: "I don't think women and seamen go together, sir
C. Montgomery Burns: "We know what YOU think, Smithers".
REAL men don't eat quiche - or semen...
by contlogs August 20, 2003
A fluid which sperm swims in.
That gay person eats semen
by anon August 18, 2003
A sailor
Back in WWII I used to be a I just put it on my wife's ass.
by D Wray December 11, 2003
Tony squirted boybutter on Kelly's immense, white, pasty, whalelike tummy!
by KB October 08, 2003
Men who work on the sea; sailors.
There's seamen lying everywhere!
by The Orange Puppet November 15, 2003
tie dye shit that comes out of your dick
holy shit, my semen is tie dye!
by Manishguy March 10, 2005

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