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one who suks so much cock that they are taken by the dark realm of haities and made a demon
by ox May 02, 2003
41 64
one who is a bandit of man juice and uses it for the purpose of dark and sinister purposes
watch out for the semen demon (aka geoff critzer) he shall rob your clean sheets
by semen demon and frank the tank November 11, 2003
225 105
A girl who takes a load of cum in her mouth and moves it to the back of her throat and gargles it to make a demon-like noise.
That girl is a semen demon.
by Scross December 23, 2007
98 44
someone who creates devious ways of obtaining large amounts of semen
uve surpassed cum guzzler muthafucka...ur a semen demon
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007
72 40
A slut with an insatiable voracity for warm semen.
I spied a semen demon skulking around the dimly lit frat house furtively grabbing at cock.
by bloomy121147 December 24, 2009
49 31
a male/female that loves semen a lot
guy1: yo my girls a semen demon!!
guy2: thats soo cool so she swallows?
guy1: HELL YA
by THE DEAN22 January 21, 2012
12 13
a man that constantly loves to ejaculate by himself or all over his partner due to the fact that he has a huge load to show off with.
Can you please stop ejaculating on me like a semen demon!
by talleres December 06, 2010
18 22
Semen Demon (Noun)

One who takes in great amounts of sperm.

Has lots of sex.
Also known as a whore, slut, slore, and hoe.
Yo! Where my semen demon dawg?
That bitch is a semen DEMON!
by Taylor J Keeran May 20, 2011
14 20