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the gayest town ever
girl 1: have u ever been to selma
girl 2: hell yeah i grew up there...SELMAAA
girl 1:...u should get slapped
by mocha pocha August 07, 2006
118 173
Incredibly beautiful girl,
loves to have fun,
very smart,
true and real friend.
"Omg, have you met the new girl?"
"Yeah, she's totally a Selma!"
by Haaaa your momma April 02, 2009
323 51
A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She is kind, caring and sensitive. She will stick up for her friends and what she believes in.
Girl: She's so kind
Guy: Must be a Selma
by idkwattosay123 March 23, 2013
42 20
"Selma" Pronounced: Se'el'ma


To experience and express fatigue,
in a ridiculously fabulous manner,
within the context of selfies.

1.Emotional description of "Sooo Tired"
2.To Nap
3.To be caught napping
4. Name of The Nap Fairy
" selmaed out"
"Going to selma you guys"
"selma time!"
by Mikaran March 11, 2014
1 0