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The game of Sellotrap (tm) is where stationery and boredom collide.
When a co-worker leaves their desk unattended, it is your job to set up a sticky spider's web of sellotape to ensnare your colleague upon their return. Ideally the web should be almost invisible to the naked eye, although a common way to make the sellotrap work is via distraction. The veteran sellotrap player may use tactics such as alluring screensavers or desktop backgrounds to divert the trapee's attention. WARNING - it is best to keep sellotraps above knee level (especially tripwire sellotraps) in order to avoid injury, death or unwanted lawsuits due to trippage.
Mr Butler: I say, there appears to be something stuck to the top of my balding pate!
Mr McDowall: What splendid fun, my sellotrap hijinks have worked a treat!
Ms Hobbs: You chaps had better get back to work lest your backsides meet my beating stick at speed.
by AlvinSimonTheodore December 17, 2007

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